Successful businesses of the new millennium are those that learn faster than their competitors.

People at all levels within an organisation need to continually hone and improve their skills.

To achieve this, we often need help, usually from a manager or via an external source.

Coaching is a process which helps us to help ourselves – the best way to learn and change.

It helps us to transform the way we think and behave in order to realise our full potential, both for our own benefit and that of the business.

Coaching focuses on the skills, processes and relationships that are needed to help us improve performance in our jobs. It provides opportunities for learning under guidance in real work situations.

The People Partnership

  • Coaches individuals at all levels within organisations.
  • Encourages others to become more effective coaches themselves.

Developing the organisation


  • Coaching senior management teams to review, develop and implement business strategy
  • Providing consultancy support to HR practitioners, training and development specialists and organisation development and change management consultants.

Developing teams


  • Coaching team leaders in team-building skills and techniques
  • Developing individual team working skills
  • Designing and facilitating team development workshops

Developing individuals


  • Improving personal effectiveness
  • Helping people resolve real work problems through action learning groups
  • Developing coaching skills in managers and directors

Individuals learn to

  • Assign more responsibility to others
  • Move from a ‘directing’ to an ‘enabling’ style
  • Encourage effective group work
  • Build collaborative and durable relationships

Teams learn to

  • Form high quality working relationships with their colleagues
  • Work more independently and flexibly

Organisations learn to

  • Foster an open, creative problem-solving culture
  • Encourage on-the-job learning to become the norm
  • Create a larger pool of motivated and talented individuals